Philosophy: No More Waiting*

*Well, still, actually, probably a little

Guaranteeing a spot during class sign-up is hard. Whether it's struggling to beat hoards of students at the crack of dawn or just realizing a little late which classes interest you, unwaitlist can help.


UVM students, get notified when class is open.

How's it Work?

UVM's course registration system allows students to sign up at their leisure, but if a class is booked, you can request to be placed on the waitlist. Unfortunately, this waitlist might as well be quilled parchment — it has no connection to the registration portal. This means as soon as the class has an opening, even if you were first on the waitlist, anyone can take that spot.

Solving for this, unwaitlist checks the enrollment status of a given class at an assignable interval (i.e. every minute, hour, or 525,600 minutes), evaluates if there's an opening, and then — if apppropriate — sends an email and text right away.

You don't even have to worry about cancelling your course requests from unwaitlist after the add/drop period passes since the system automatically discontinues them.

This is an App!

If you add this website to your home screen, it runs like an app. This improves load times and user experience while taking up very little space (but you'll be fine either way).

New Features?

I'm frequently rolling out small updates to improve processing and notification, but right now, I'm specifically intersted in determining if requested classes have any cross-listings which could then also be enrolled for checking.